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Specifications for Rail Vehicles Lifting Jacks

Mobile lifting jacks are designed to provide a flexible and reliable system for lifting all types of rolling stock for general maintenance requirements.Light weight, achieved by use of finite element stress analysis of the jack structure, makes the jacks easy to move by the operator. The jacks can be controlled in sets of 4, 8, 12 etc. to perform single or multi vehicle synchronised lifts.
The modular control system allows the operator to configure the jacks to suit the operation required. For multi vehicle simultaneous lifts, the control can be either by means of a central control panel or a number of linked mobile controllers. Proven reliability and long life are provided by the use of an irreversible trapezoidal screw / lifting nut arrangement and a highly robust jack structure.
The enclosed design of the jack column means that moving parts are guarded, minimising the potential for an accident in operation. Jack height is monitored by special twin channel absolute encoder, ensuring accurate synchronisation and no loss of synchronisation due to power failure. Additionally, this eliminates the need for limit switches and a pulse counter, so improving the reliability of the equipment.
Twin microprocessor controls with watchdog systems ensure the safe operation of the jacks. Safety features such as phase correction / detection and load nut wear detection also maximise operational safety. Jack configuration can be customised to suit the customer's application - lifting height, extending anvil, rail mounted, load cells for vehicle weighing etc. The jacks are fully compliant with EN1 493 for vehicle lifting jacks and are manufactured under an ISO 9001 approved quality system as well as being CE certified by an independent test house.

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